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Уже сотрудничали с нами? Нам очень важно ваше мнение о нашей работе. Это поможет нам стать лучше.

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Autotissue GmbH

Stefan Seidl

We have started to know each others since 2014 and we enjoyed a very professionel relationship based on trust and common goals. Business will start next year and we look forward toa fruitful future.


Vereshchagin Pavel

Спасибо Инне Зволинской и компании Auroramed за оперативность, надежность, внимательность)


Vittorio B.

We've been working with Auroramed since a short time - approximatively 1 year. So far we dispatched samples for products tryout, evaluated market and applied for the registration. Till now everything worked smoothly, a professional personnel replies quickly and efficiently. Soon the registration will be completed and I believe we can start a profitable business.

НИИ онкологии

Алексей Михайлович

Добрый день. Спасибо большое сотруднице компании Анне Ковряковой. Все по делу, точно и в срок!


Stephanie Scheuer

The time we have been working together with Auroramed was not that long yet, but it has always been a pleasure for us. The communication is excellent and we are already very much looking forward to a fruitful business relationship for both sides. We believe that Auroramed will be the best partner in the Russian market for our products :-)